Iqbal and Kohinoor’s Engagement

A couple of weeks ago I met Iqbal and Kohinoor for their engagement session ahead of their big day. We decided to take a walk through central London, starting off at Covent Gardens and make our way down to Bank.

Covent Gardens is always busy no matter what time of the day you visit but we got some nice shots there. However I prefer photographing somewhere quieter so we headed down towards Trafalguar square, stopping along the way whenever we saw something interesting.

Iqbal and Kohinoor wanted to stay away from the traditional touristy spots and instead were drawn to the beautiful architecture, specifically the interesting archways. I had never realised how many there are.

Iqbal and Kohinoor really wanted to showcase their personalities in the photoshoot so to help show who they are I suggested they bring some props with them. The props that really stood out on the day were their baby pictures. It was really special to see where they had started from and how far they had come in all those years.

They had brought a change of clothes with them so we headed to the Marriot to change. Once they had changed we found some more beautiful archways.

We decided to end the photoshoot just before sunset in Bank at a little place called Leadenhall Market, they really opened up towards the end of our photoshoot and I was able to capture some beautiful candid moments of the two of them just being themselves. I think its important to step away from time to time and just let them get lost in the moment.

See more pictures from our photoshoot here.

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