Take a look at some of the kind words our clients have said about us.

"Jamil is an extremely talented and committed photogragher. His passion for photography is abundant. He was recommended to us from a friend. After chatting to Jamil and hearing more about his approach, we decided to take the plunge, and we're definitely glad we did. We absolutely LOVE our engagement photos, and the beautiful finish to the shots. We will treasure them forever. Thank you Jamil, we cannot recommend you highly enough."

Kabeer and Nausheen

"Jamil is a delight to work with. A friendly and professional individual. He captured the memories of our special day perfectly and produced photos of the highest quality. We would definitely use his services again."

Alvin and Immy

"I asked Jamil to be the photographer at my graduation. We discussed some ideas prior to the day and came up with a list of shots we both wanted to capture with the intent of producing a range of photographs that really captured the memories of the day by myself and my family.  I would highly recommend him for his work, my family and I, especially my mum are very pleased with the pictures he has produced."


"My boyfriend and I had always wanted a photoshoot together after almost 3 years together we decided to go for it! We really enjoyed the photoshoot, posing, laughing and having fun. The afternoon was a really enjoyable experience as Jamil was very professional, helping us ease into the photoshoot and directed us into the poses as well as free-styling it. 

Jamil was well prepared with 2 bags full of equipment and many spare batteries; he also chose some lovely locations which presented plenty of photographic opportunities.

After looking at the final edits I was very pleased with the outcome; especially his use of light, as it was very complimentary. I certainly would not hesitate to come back to him in the future."


"Jamil has always been fantastic when taking photographs for the Birthday parties/ celebrations that I've had. His pictures are renown for having the 'Wow` factor among my friends when viewing the photos after.

Jamil is always very polite and friendly when approaching guests to take their photo and always manages to capture some wonderful natural shots at each party. The photos provide great memories for me and just looking over them today has made me realise the journey I've been on since my 18th Birthday and how far I've come! I strongly recommend Jamil as a Photographer for any future events."


"Having worked with Jamil on a number of photoshoots, I must say I very much enjoyed them as he made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera as well as directing the shoot. He definitely knows the kind of pictures he wants to achieve from the photoshoot. Every photoshoot was extremely enjoyable and we captured some amazing photographs."

Tanveer - Make Up Artist/Model

"Jamil and I worked together on a photoshoot recently, he made sure the pictures he produced met with the client's wishes. He was very prompt in editing the images and sending them out to myself and the client. Jamil was definitely a pleasure to work with."

Rosanna - MUA

"Jamil is a hard working and motivated photographer; he executes his work very well and in a timely manner, with accordance the brief that has been given to him. Not coming from a beauty background, I was pleasantly surprised by how well he adapted his style of photography to the beauty industry.

It was really easy to work with him as he had many creative ideas but was very open to my creative input. Overall, Jamil is a very skilled photographer, who is easy to work with and delivers to high standard."


"Jamil Teja is sheer advanced talent. I feel the images that are produced really capture the essence of the subject, in addition to the location enabling the concepts to thrive. The composition, vibrancy and the lighting used excitedly bursts to create a dynamic and fascinating piece. Jamil's Photography cultivates the rare precious and beautiful moments to allow the model’s beauty to radiate.

I had my portfolio photographs done and I feel his portraits really surface and highlight my beautiful features. In addition, not only do the images produced ignite my confidence, it also makes me feel that Jamil’s pieces are extremely distinctive and alluring. I would definitely use his expertise again. I recommend anyone who desires ‘first class’ imagery; look no further than Jamil Teja Photography!"


"I approached Jamil because I was in need of high quality white cut-out product imagery for my handmade hair accessory business, Beauxoxo.I had already some of my products shot, however I still had a high volume of products that I needed imagery for. Jamil was a meticulous worker, with attention to detail, who took his time to create a perfect set-up that would give the very best results.

Jamil was incredibly knowledgeable about the editing process and his attention to detail meant the imagery is flawless and was delivered in a very timely manner.  I would highly recommend Jamil to small businesses like myself who need high quality product imagery so that they are able to reach out to bloggers, magazines and all other forms of media where this imagery is so vital."


Jamil photographed a very special occasion for us. We were lucky to be joined by many of our friends from all across the UK. Jamil was a true professional and the photos speak for themselves. He took time to capture all the big moments and to make sure that everyone was in them! We are really chuffed with the final photos and would not hesitate to recommend him.


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